_ P S - Cutelaria Artesanal (Handmade Knives / Cuchillos Artesanales / Couteaux Artisanaux)


A Brief Introduction

My name is Paulo, I live in Portugal, near the city of Porto, and I am a handmade knifemaker who works with carbon steel and inox.

It all started as a hobby making knives for myself, since i was not fully satisfied with the industrial knives.
I wanted something special and unique, a custom piece, a special blade and handle for my needs and objectives.

As a result of my development as a knife maker, i started to receive proposals from people of various European and South American countries, which appreciate and value handmade knives.
From there I took the decision to start a small handmade knives production.

I try to design my knives with a minimum of lines, to create a clean and useful design, with the main objective of functionality.
Each one is unique and made as if it was to me, with great passion.

The scabbards are leather or Kydex and also handmade.

The knives shown are just examples of the work I do.
If you prefer, you can request a knife based on a design already existent that or even design your own knife (within my ability to make it real).
It is possible to use wood or other materials in the knife handle.

Along with the knife goes a certificate of authenticity with its description, number and materials used.

I believe that a handmade knife has a soul, something that is impossible in an industrial and massified product.
Because all this, you will have a unique and exclusive knife.

Important – Consider This:

All my knives are completely handmade, so it is impossible to make two knives exactly alike, there will always be differences.
The materials used in the handles may vary due to availability of stock of the suppliers. The noble materials, like wood, although of the same kind often differ in tone, and especially in veins.

Please keep this in mind, I am at your disposal for any information or clarification you may require.